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About Jambolo

Jambolo.com is an online business directory for artisans and small and medium scale enterprises (“SMEs”) in Nigeria.
The portal provides an avenue for small businesses to increase their market coverage by opening up new markets segments for their services via the internet.

Jambolo.com provides listings of over 100 different categories of artisans and SME’s in Nigeria, and also provides information on their physical location (i.e. addresses) and contact details (i.e. phone numbers) of each SME service provider. In addition, the portal also uses the Google map functionality to provide additional value added information e.g. directions on how to get to the location of each artisan/SME listed on Jambolo.com.

The main objective of the portal is to provide users with information on where they can secure artisan services. The portal is also meant to open up the potential market space for artisans operating in urban centers of Nigeria and to basically provide a platform for them to “advertise” their services to a much wider audience than they would normally have access to. In addition, it also serves as a search engine for individuals who desire information on where they can access artisan/home services around their neighborhood.

Currently Jambolo.com covers only the Lagos metropolitan area, however in the not too distant future the service will cover the main urban areas of Nigeria.
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